Thursday, April 18, 2019

Technology Leads to Positive Social Changes Essay

Technology Leads to confirming Social Changes - Essay ExampleIt has been apparently observed that previously people had to make more efforts in order to perform a simple work. However, the notion of technology made the humans job easier as wellspring as simple and reduced their work-related difficulties at large. It is in this scope, affable changes can be outlined as the shifts in human attitudes as well as behaviors that distinctiate society in an efficacious manner. Advancement in technologies significantly made positive changes in the social outlooks. In this regard, technology adds accredited advanced means that helps to improve the human attitudes as well as behaviors within the social context in a positive manner (Kubesh, Katie, Mcneil, Niki, and Bellotto, Kimm 10). Thesis statement This discussion intends to critique the proclamation that the aspect of technology certainly gets better over time and always lead towards positive social changes. ontogeny of Technology over Time and Its Relation to Positive Social Changes Technology is regarded as the process that makes a significant effort in meeting the human requirements such as shelter, food, health as well as communication. Advanced technologies have been getting better over a period of time that intends to provide significant facilities with the intention of improving the society. It can be affirmed that the idea of technology has developed the financial backing standard of the societal members to a greater extent throughout the last decade and is still keep to perform such function. It has been apparently observed that technology has provided advanced amenities to different people belong to any communities by the systematic employment of science. Previously, social interaction among the people living in different regions was viewed to be quiet due to lack of communication as well as interaction. However, in novel days, with the introduction of innovative technologies such as mobile phone s and internet, people can interact with each otherwise quickly without facing any difficulties. In the past, the distance was considered to be one of the critical factors that restricted social interaction among people.

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